Whose Money Is It?


How to Remove Your Money

from the

Traditional Tax System

a book by

James Higgins

How Much is Yours?

Do you know how much of your wealth is owned by

Uncle Sam?  The government will collect whatever

  portion they choose during  and after your lifetime.  

What is their share? ….….. to be determined.

Whether you are saving for retirement, facing

an estate tax burden, or you want to give more to

charity,  this book will show you solutions you may

not be aware of.

Jim has been a financial advisor for almost 40 years, working with business owners and families to help them safely create more wealth with less tax and to leave a legacy of not only assets, but values that will follow their future generations. Financial freedom is having enough wealth to do what you want, when you want. Financial independence is having control over what you have. The more tax you save, the more you can give.